• Tanja Akerman

Testimonials by SS Fitness Members

Updated: Jun 22

"I am really getting into Barre, as I’m pushing 70 now I want less jumping more flex and strength, Love the core stuff

I’ve been inspired by this lady (just a short YouTube)

I’ve been pretty fit all my adult life but entering my 60s was a tough transition and as my body began aging. I’m learning to love this old body with respect and honor. Loving Barre online as it fits so easily in my lifestyle. Thanks Tanja."

Bonnie Lee

Salt Spring Fitness Member since April 2020


"Tanja supported me to make some significant changes in my life - not with some pre-set formula, but through her active listening skills, gentle guidance and encouragement to help me set my own goals and work towards them. She was my 'accountabili-buddy' over several months, and during that time I received the support and structure I needed to stay on track towards my goals. Tanja brings such an intuitive sense of patience, nonjudgment, compassion and delight to her work. It makes the sometimes challenging effort of personal change feel much lighter. And it's great to have someone so focused on my needs to help me stay motivated. Thank you Tanja!"

- Darlene

Salt Spring Fitness Member since Jan 2020


"I was privileged to participate in one of Tanja's recent Wellness sessions. It was an hour in a peaceful relaxed atmosphere where we shared some soul-searching thoughts, absorbed inspirational ideas and participated in a selection of Barre-related exercises to balance the session.

The gathering was thought-provoking, spirituality rewarding and physically beneficial. Along with my fellow attendees, i very much enjoyed the experience and highly recommend it to others"

Ken Jackson, Salt Spring Fitness Member since June 2018


Tanja's Barre class, remarkable by any standard, has offered the benefits for both mind and body which includes resistance training increasing muscle strength, which prevents muscle wasting, increases stability, stimulates blood flow which helps strengthen damaged nerve tissue and helps relieve brain fog, another by product of vitamin B 12 deficiency. Anyone fortunate enough to be part of

Tanja Akerman's exercise regime can only benefit especially if ongoing wellness is the desired outcome. As a beneficiary of Tanja's unrelenting code of excellence, attention to detail, remarkable discipline, all set to her great play list even at 6:15 A.M on Wednesday mornings, it is a true privilege to fly with the best there can be." Georgia Taylor

SS Fitness Member since 2018