• Tanja Akerman

#100 Barre Class Challenge is back!

Welcome or welcome back to our #100 Barre class challenge!

This challenge is open to new comers or those who already started the challenge when it started in Sept 2019.

We invite you to join our public Facebook group called

"SS Ftiness #100 Barre Class Challenge" to get started

For those returning, email me to find out your total already recorded - email


* Register for Barre online

* Join the SS Fitness #100 Barre Class Challenge Facebook page

* Record your barre classes you complete with SS Fitness (any class counts from 20 min-45min)

* Post your total classes in the group or email Tanja with your total classes each month

*When you reach #100 barre classes, post in the group site so we can celebrate your success!

*When you reach #100 barre classes, you will receive in the mail a Barre Class tag - that says " #100 Barre Class Challenge done - your tag goes on your barre bag or key chain.

*You will receive a $50 SS Fitness coupon to use anytime with us!