#100 Barre Class Challenge Let's get started!

September 11, 2019
















New this fall is our 100 Barre Class Challenge, open to everyone!


There are a few reasons why I started this challenge:


First off we all need goals!   Goals help us get to where we want to be...… 


I wanted to set up a challenge that ANYONE could manage.  Starting any time and ending the challenge any time.  It's up to you how many days/week you are committing to the barre class, anywhere from 1 up to 5 classes a week.

I wanted to recognize effort and consistency!   It takes work to get to class, make space for your fitness, and it's not always easy to get there, and a lot of times, you may not feel like coming!!!!

Staying consistent is one of the biggest parts to a successful fitness plan.   Starting with 1 day a week and committing to that!   Working up to 3-6 days of active living..... Choosing the activities that you LOVE.  Barre, walking, swimming, gardening, biking, golf,  etc...…. 

For me, it's important to set goals for my life, it gives me purpose and direction.....  Digging deeper into the why of the goal is even more important:

Why did you make the goal?    

Enjoying tennis again -   Dancing with your child or grandchild at their wedding- Gardening more and feeling close to the earth-  Taking an active vacation-   Improving your golf swing-  Moving without pain-    Preventing a fall - Connecting with a friends more?


Happiness can mean enjoying the little things in life  …..  What makes you happy?    What is on your bucket list still?


The SS Fitness team wants to  celebrate each person  -  100 classes is HUGE!

A lot of effort, sweat, hard work and determination. Changing habits and getting into a routine that works for you - getting stronger and healthier each day....

Join us as we all work together to achieve BIG goals, one class at a time  #100 Barre Class Challenge


Start tracking your classes at barre, when you reach your 100 classes, you will receive a $50 SS Fitness Coupon, recognition in our monthly newsletter - AND if you choose, we'd like to post your picture & short story!

Let's get started, see YOU at the barre!


Tanja xo

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