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November 3, 2019















"I was privileged to participate in one of Tanja's recent Wellness sessions.  It was an hour in a peaceful relaxed atmosphere where we shared some soul-searching thoughts, absorbed inspirational ideas and participated in a selection of Barre-related exercises to balance the session.


The gathering was thought-provoking, spirituality rewarding and physically  beneficial.  Along with my fellow attendees, i very much enjoyed the experience and highly recommend it to others"


Ken Jackson, Salt Spring Fitness Member since June 2018




"Athleticism and a highly functioning body is never a trait to be taken for granted. It can be lost in a twinkling of an eye, causing alarm, frustration and inability to perform the simplest physical movements. One cause can be a massive Vitamin B 12 deficiency which can be deleterious to the point of life threatening if overlooked for too long.

Peripheral Neuropathy is one of the outcomes of a major vitamin B 12 deficiency. B 12 is vital to the proper functioning of nerve endings and synapsis which transmit electrical signals and protect nerve cells by the myelin sheath of a nerve fiber. In short the nerve endings begin to fray, usually beginning in the feet and moving upward. Eventually lack of balance and related physical stresses come into play.

Tanja's Barre class, remarkable by any standard, has offered the benefits for both mind and body which includes resistance training increasing muscle strength, which prevents muscle wasting, increases stability, stimulates blood flow which helps strengthen damaged nerve tissue and helps relieve brain fog, another by product of vitamin B 12 deficiency. Anyone fortunate enough to be part of
Tanja Akerman's exercise regime can only benefit especially if ongoing wellness is the desired outcome.

As a beneficiary of Tanja's unrelenting code of excellence, attention to detail, remarkable discipline, all set to her great play list even at 6:15 A.M on Wednesday mornings, it is a true privilege
to fly with the best there can be."

Georgia Taylor

SS Fitness Member since 2018



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