Safety Measures for Outdoor Lessons/Classes

We want you to know what we are doing to provide you a safe exercise experience during COVID-19. We have worked hard to make sure both you and your instructor stays well We offer semi-private or small group classes this summer until Sept 30 2020

  1. Spacing 6ft or 2m apart, Equipment can be purchased or bring your own

  2. Barre's or chairs are cleaned before and after class by instructor wearing gloves

  3. Maximum – 2 people in a semi-private class/ Group class max 12

  4. Illness screening prior to attending

  5. Instructor teaches only if well and healthy. Participants attend only if well and healthy

  6. Teacher & Participants wear a mask entering and exiting the studio

  7. Self-Isolation for 14 days: after travel outside of Canada or people sick in your home

  8. Wash hands before and after class, Hand sanitizer available

  9. Faceshields worn during indoor classes

  10. Participants are aware of the Illness policy and accept the possible risk or COVID-19

  11. First Aid Kit on hand and Cell phone for an emergency

  12. Liability Waiver and Parq form signed and – Doctor OK with participant joining.

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