6 Steps to become fit

Here are the 6 steps to become fit!

1 Chat with Tanja ACE Certified Fitness & Health Coach / Group Fitness Instructor She is your fitness and health guide .Tanja’s roll is to assist, encourage and support in this process of change

Book your free chat here: https://www.saltspringfitness.com/bookings-checkout/start-here/book

2 Sign up and subscribe to Salt Spring Fitness and complete waiver sent to you

Sign up here: https://www.saltspringfitness.com/plans-pricing

3 Set your mat up along with your workout gear, the day prior - no equipment is required to start

4 Pick a workout from 20- 45 minutes, schedule it in your schedule & start with once a week

5 Workout at a time where you have the most mental energy! Willpower can get depleted as you become exhausted

6 Do this consistently


4 Bonus tips:

1 Small consistent goals, turn into BIG results

2 Focus on the process! Guaranteed results will follow !!!!!

3 Establish your healthy habit first, then expand your habit once it sticks

4 Decide to commit to exercise

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