Breathing & Posture

Short breaths, high stress, hunching over your computer or phone - Sound familiar?

Lengthening our breathing and spine is something we can do throughout the day - it really works to calm and re-centre our bodies

Take a moment now: slow your breathing & sit up tall - feel better?

In our group & private programs, we teach a variety of breathing techniques: water breathing, nostril breathing, box breathing - they all help to manage stress & create a calm state in the body

Using our nose filters out dust, dirt and regulates the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our blood and directs more oxygen to the lower lobes of the lungs

Diaphragmic breath work is best for optimal health

Our programs also include postural assessments & exercises, which help to identify weakness to create better alignment and strengthen weak muscles

Join us in our group or private programs to reach your fitness and health goals today!

Call or text Tanja anytime: 250 538 8450


Simple Steps

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