Can I really reverse my physical age?

Did you know by exercising you can reverse your physical age? It's true & proven by science!

Below is information on the effects of exercise and aging.

Some of The Effects of exercise:

Stress reduction, new cells, adds collagen to muscle & skin, promotes natural growth hormones, elevates BDNF, increases oxygen to the brain, improves cognition, cuts risk of dementia by 50%, and cuts risk of Alzheimer’s by 60%

Exercise is important for all agers:

Greatest Generation ages 71-90, Improves functional independence

Baby Boomers ages 51-70 , Improves quality of life

Generation X ages 35-50 Slows the aging process that starts at age 30

Lack of physical activity can effect you by:

Taking years off your life, Atrophy’s the muscles, Restricts joint - ROM, Loss of your balance, 10% loss of muscle/ decade

Strategies Salt Spring Fitness uses to create anti-aging exercise programs:

Weight & resistant training , Daily Physical activity, Mechanical & metabolic overload, Movement training - multi planar exercises, Variation in training, Plyometrics, Cardiovascular training, 3 Zone training model

Our programs offer:

IN PERSON- learn one on one or in group classes and/or VIRTUAL workout from the safety of home & keep training while on holidays

Contact Tanja anytime to START your training today and reverse your body’s physical age!

Call/ Text Tanja

250 538 8450 or online

References: Pete McCall M.S. Ace Webinar

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