Hip Stability Workshop for Pain-Free Movement

Hip Stability for Pain-Free Movement

Hip function affects performance of the ankles, knees, spinal column and all the way up to your shoulders. Your hips are the engine of your body!

This hip neutral exercise routine, if performed on a weekly basis, corrects form and function to improve asymmetries of the hip & creates stabilization

Receive an On-Demand recording sent to your email prior to the group session

Cost $15

Time: 10-11am PST

Date Aug 18,2022

Location: Zoom

Payment can be made by e-transfer to saltspringfitness@gmail.com

Or Mail a Chq to SS Fitness Box 827 Ganges PO SSI BC V8K 2W3

Required props: Yoga mat, towell/pilates ball, strap/band/or belt

Instructor: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Instructor & Health Coach Tanja Akerman

All Levels Welcome - Modifications will be taught

One on one instruction can be arranged if you prefer private instruction rather than a group session, at North End Fitness. A personalized hip assessment can be performed within this session.

ACE Fitness

Resources: John Lindala MS, PES


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