Muscle cramps explained

Muscle cramps are frustrating, painful and makes it hard to move! If your wondering why your having muscle cramps or pain, here’s some possible reasons First off - there are 3 ways to get muscle cramps * After prolonged inactivity * During exercise muscle cramps * After exercise 1. Muscles can get tight when not used. 2. Muscles can cramp during exercise due to low sodium, low potassium or muscle fatigue 3. Muscle tightness can follow exercise. It’s called DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, felt as pain or soreness Most often after a downward move like running downhill or the downward phase of a bicep curl Here are some strategies to reduce muscle cramps: 1. Less sitting or less sedentary time. Remember your posture & alignment of your spine 2. Workout with a certified program and trainer - programmed & designed for you 3. Static Stretches after your workout + Foam rolling is very beneficial before and after exercise 4. Hydration before, during & after your workout 5. Proper nutrition that includes adequate sodium and potassium And Electrolyte drinks or pickle juice (Bringham Young University study ref: National Library of Medicine) References: Victoria Brautigam ACE blog Shawn H Dolan PhD RD CSSD Ace certified news *Always consult your physician if it persists for too long or for anything unusual, or extreme pain* In Health

Tanja Akerman

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