Resting Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

🔴Resting heart rate and blood pressure give us a baseline of where you are at now, any health risks and help to create some realistic health goals

🟠We can use heart rate to calculate your target heart rate during your cardio workouts - if you are over training, your resting heart rate will increase

🟡What’s is a normal Resting Heart Rate?

60-70 bpm Males

72-80 bpm Females

🟢The best time to assess your resting heart rate is right after you wake up in the morning

🔵What is a normal Blood Pressure rating?

<120/<80 mmHg

🟣The best time to assess your actual blood pressure is when you are relaxed. WE HAVE A BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR & APPLE WATCH IN OUR FITNESS STUDIO to assess & track these for you!

🟤With high blood pressure, we can make nutrition suggestions to lower sodium intake like eating the DASH diet plan

💪🥾🥗Lifestyle modifications are a way of significantly managing high blood pressure 🩸

(along with possible prescription medication from your physician 👨‍⚕️))))))))))))))))

⚪️Baseline data is important as we work together. Along the way, we can expect changes and adaptations. Eg. As your cardio respiratory improves, resting heart rate will lower and blood pressure will improve as well.

Awareness is the first step to a healthier you! Let’s collaborate to create a healthier and stronger you today!

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