Health Questionaire's (Parq)

Parq Forms are required prior to participating in a group fitness class, on-demand, private, or a semi-private training session at Salt Sring Fitness

As an ACE-certified Health Coach & Group Fitness Instructor, I agree to uphold the most recent screening protocols with all my clients.

One of the forms required to complete is the General Health Questions in the Parq form. If you answer yes to any questions on the General Health Questionnaire (2021 Parq +), then you are required to complete pages 2 & 3

The goal of these intake forms are to uncover:

1. Who should receive medical clearance before starting an exercise program

2. With clinically significant diseases, who may benefit from a medically supervised exercise program

3. Who is required to wait until medical conditions are resolved

The Parq form asks about medications, so we can understand how the medications may affect your Heart-rate Response during exercise.

As an ACE Health Coach, my role sometimes requires collaborating with your physician to make sure they support your goals and see if they have any recommendations.

All of your information is confidential and used for your safety in creating an exercise plan that is enjoyable and that fits your level.

Download your Health form here:

Your ACE Health Coach,

Tanja Akerman

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