Stretches for improved sleep

We could all use a little more sleep, right?

Below is a yin yoga stretching routine to help prepare for a good nights rest using forward folds, breathe work and simple reclined poses to help calm the nerves and unwind after a long day

Start with a seated meditation

Followed by alternative nostril breathing

Next butterfly (Feet touching)

Half butterfly (straighten one leg)

Caterpillar (Two legs straight with forward fold)

Then into a Swan pose

Reclined butterfly (Lay on your back)

Legs up the wall (Lay on back, legs rest on the wall)

Lastly Corpse pose (Lay down on your back)

Take 1-5 mins in each pose ending in corpse pose for a longer amount of time

Allow gravity to relax your body while in each pose

Try this out & let me know how you sleep

Your ACE-Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Instructor

Tanja Akerman

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